Sundays still mean Solomun +1 at Pacha

today30 March 2022 443 2

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Seasons come and go, but some absolutes remain.

Less news, more a confirmation: Solomun +1 remains the Sunday night spectacle at Pacha.

Just in case there were any lingering doubts, Pacha Group has rubber stamped its prized asset. In parliamentary terms, this is a safe seat.

Let’s face it, Sundays just wouldn’t feel the same otherwise.

Yet again Mladen will invite a single guest to join him in the booth to close out our weekends. 22 bites of the cherry (pun intended) start 22 May.

We scarcely want to think this far ahead, but at the opposite end of summer, it all gets wrapped up on 16 October. A typically late finish, as we’ve become accustomed to.

Now all we need are some +1s!

Maybe you want to wait to see line-ups. Or, maybe, you already know that Solomun’s party will be a roadblock week-in, week-out regardless. In which case, you’ll figure it’s best practice to secure your ticket on your date well in advance. All dates available below.



Written by: Badger1

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