Lucia Holm / Presenter

The lead singer/producer of Sunscreem

Contracted to Sony Music in 1990 as recording artist, subsequently sold >1 million albums over 8 year career as professional musician and record producer. Extensive touring experience and exposure to US community and commercial stations. Sunscreem ‘s hits ‘Love U More’, ‘Perfect Motion’, ‘Looking at You’ and “Pressure” became classics on the international dance scene.
The band are now touring festivals and release a new remix of their club anthem ‘Perfect Motion’ this year.

Sunscreem – pioneers of the early rave and club scene recently released their “lost” album ‘Out Of The Woods’ after a wait of 21 years.

One Of the biggest selling rave songs of all time!


My Favourite Quote

“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca


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