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An obscure vinyl purchase resulted in the chance to create a weekly hour long ‘Electronica’ show for Chris here at Salt Marsh Coast Radio – it was very much the case of the eager kid at the front of the class thrusting his hand up. So now I can put my lengthy and somewhat chequered relationship with electronic music to some use. A whistle stop tour of my aural log book would start with the likes of the Orb, taking in some driving early 90’s techno, a vast amount of Psychedelic trance from its golden era, some breakbeat then a large hiatus before a gentle re-acquaintance to really all things slow – and that means, amongst other things – pure ambient, dub, and I suppose a sound that I would term slow tribal electronic. Blowing the dust off and recontextualising old sounds holds a special importance for me too these days.

My musical past is far too non committal to be taken that seriously, I’ve blown very hot and very cold, falling in and out of love with it has resulted in vast jumps; owning and running a trance label in the mid 90’s – Auracle Recordings – to Art School and an almost a total rejection of the electronic sound. Though there were flirtations of interest in the early and mid naughties, it wasn’t until 2015 that a reaffirmation of what had been missing took a firm hold. An easing of personal pressure, perhaps due to the contentment of marriage and fatherhood meant old records and a digital archive took on new meaning. Alongside this, a chance encounter with Andrew Weatherall and his ALFOS act in Cornwall set an inquisitive aural hook in me, and after rekindling old friendships built on these great sounds from yesteryear – new foundation stones were laid.

There was never any doubt that this music would find a place back in my life, it just needed to grow in its own time – I’d always missed it painfully when it wasn’t there and living. Now, this opportunity for The Mauve Kiosk to germinate is perfectly poised. It is a hopeful space allowing for the most exciting curation, I wish for it to go beyond the rigmarole of track selection and the customary intros, instead, to be a location for disparate influences and thoughts to come together, whether it be my own themes and words, or those of others. It must be a hotbed – a fertile ground that can be flexible and inviting and it should always be creative and searching on a non-linear level wherever possible. Expect tracks that are assigned colours, onomatopoeic sounds, words that inspire sounds and sometimes just playlists dedicated to great sounds.

Vive Le Kiosk Mauve!


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“Not how long, but how well you have lived is the main thing.” ~ Seneca

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