Emjay Sessions Presents The Black Chapel Collective “Connect” Live Stream

Written by on 31 October 2020


Black Chapel Group (a collective of Musicians, DJs, Rappers, Artists and Poets) will be putting on a one-off multi -media live event called Connect. With input from world leading scientists and scholars from varying spiritual and ecological traditions, we will be looking to creatively express how Science, Arts & Spirituality are not opposed but overlap and … Connect ( in the light of Covid 19 now more so than ever) The event also naturally ties into the Essex 2020 project. We are so grateful to Essex 2020 and to Chelmsford City Council for their amazing support on this project. Thank you too, to all the incredible Musicians who have given their time and their talent to help make CONNECT a reality; Helen Connolly, Rachel Brooks, Kelli-Marie Sellwood, Ce Ce Xavier, Lula Hemmings, SafeNath, Sara Mortimer, Daniella Rhodes, Paul Carnell, Lucia Holm and DYB Yoga. The Live performance of this amazing show will now take place in March 2021 but ahead of that you will be able to watch this special performance from the Hot Box on 1st November. A year in the making – a year like no other. This project is very dear to everyone involved. Please enjoy. Stay safe. Stay well.


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